Friday, February 8, 2013

Goldfish in my kitchen

Hello everybody!  It's time for a random blog post.  I believe that I promised some photos of the new house we are living in, and I came through (sort of).  I only have photos for you today of my favorite part of our new home: the kitchen.  It's big and sunny and would you look at all that counter space?  This is one of my happy places, and it's even moderately clean today too!


Today I spent some time in my happy place trying a new recipe while Caleb was sleeping angelically:

 And while Greg was... um... napping?

Alas!  It would seem that Greg is outgrowing naps.  He only takes an afternoon nap about every second or third day.  And the days he doesn't nap he sure is cranky by suppertime.  You can put a child in bed, but you can't make him sleep.  So on the non-sleeping days, we still require him to "play quietly in your room until mom says you can come out" after lunch. 

Anyhoo... I had seen a recipe for homemade goldfish crackers on Pinterest, and decided to try it out.  The recipe was very easy, and they turned out really yummy.  Of course, it's a lot easier (and cheaper) to go and buy a bag of the "fishies" in the store.  But I thought it was fun to make them myself, out of all pronounceable ingredients.  I don't think I'll be making these in PNG too often though.... cheese is too expensive there!

I bought three mini cookie cutters for the project, but I made the fish and the heart out of a soda can (see the instructions with the recipe).

All puffed up and ready to munch.

 The recipe said it made about 7 dozen.  I didn't count, but this is the pile I ended up with.


Choate Family said...

Very cute! I'm impressed how much you are accomplishing while your hubby is in Texas :-)

Heidi Kravitz said...

Awesome! I'm totally gonna try that.