Saturday, March 30, 2013

Stroller Makeover

For the last few months, Brian and I have been watching Craigslist for our dream stroller.  There are tons of strollers on the market, but we knew exactly what we wanted: a BOB Sport Utility Dualie.  This thing is perfect for Ukarumpa, with our dirt roads and hills and mud.  It's built for off-road.  It has knobby, fat tires, a great suspension for bumpy roads, and a hand brake on the handle bar (something that I love when going down steep hills, like we have in Ukarumpa).  It's the Land Rover of strollers.   (It also costs about $500 brand new, which is why were were shopping on Craigslist!)

A few weeks ago, we finally found a good deal.  Here she is:

And the boys just happened to be wearing blue shirts that match the stroller too...

The "new" stroller is actually a 2001 model, but it was in great condition.  It came with a rain cover, which had probably never been used in Colorado, but which I'm sure we will use in Papua New Guinea.  There was just one problem.  The 2001 model comes with a pretty wimpy sun shade.  In 2002 BOB started making strollers with a much bigger sun shade.  (Is it sad that I know this much about these strollers?)

In Ukarumpa, walking is our main form of transportation.  The single stroller that we have in Ukarumpa is actually a well-used BOB stroller of the same vintage, with the same style of sun shade.  I knew from using it for the last two years in PNG that I really wanted something with more coverage.  So... I sewed a new cover!

I am super proud of this little sewing project.  When we decided to buy the stroller, Brian told me "Well, you can just make a new sun shade for it, if that's the only thing you don't like about it."  I was a bit skeptical that my sewing skills would be up to the task, but it turned out really well.  We had to make it black because we couldn't match the blue fabric.

 Another feature of the newer models is that there is a clear window in the top of  the shade so that you can catch older brother in the act of pinching little brother...umm... I mean... so that you can peek in on your little darlings and make sure they are enjoying  the outing as much as you.

I was able to put in a nice clear vinyl window thanks to this good YouTube video that I found.  (It's amazing what you can find on YouTube these days.)

Can't wait to take the boys for a ride and try it out!

Funny end to the story... although we had already bought a stroller, we still kept getting alert emails whenever someone posted a new one on Craigslist.  Yesterday someone posted another stroller that looks exactly like ours, for quite a bit less than what we paid.  It was such a good deal that we bought it, and now we have two!  Brian is out in the garage right now tuning and tightening it up so that it works like new.  We'll give it a bath and then hopefully sell it for a bit of a profit, to recoup some of the cost of our own stroller.  Maybe we'll become professional stroller-flippers...


Melissa said...

Our family is heading to Ukarumpa next August. I had to laugh at all your stroller research, because I am right there with you! Somehow this stroller hadn't come up in any of my reading though, so I'm going to check it out. I've been looking at the Mountain Buggy Terrain and Phil and Ted Explorer. It's great to hear that you found the hand brake helpful. Mountain Buggy has one, but Phil and Ted's doesn't, and I couldn't decide whether it was a necessary feature or not.

I love that God provided not just one, but two strollers!

Brian and Susan said...

Melissa, glad it was helpful. We look forward to meeting you next year. And we're happy to answer any questions you might have about life here.