Sunday, April 21, 2013

Missouri, Kansas, and home again

We had some fun times on our road trip, but were glad to get home to Colorado yesterday.  There is just something about sleeping in your own bed and slipping back into your normal routine that is so nice!  But here are a few photos of the rest of our travels:

We had a wonderful week with Brian's brother Darin and his wife in Milan, Missouri.  We ended up sharing four times at their church, and Darin and Becky were troopers, sitting through all four presentation and keeping an eye on the boys.

Of course, not all of our time was spent in church.  We had a few memorable outings.  One day we took a trip to Jamesport, a town with a large Amish community.  And after our sightseeing, of course we found a park for the kids (both young and old) to play at.

We visited a bakery that is known for it's cinnamon rolls.

After our time in Milan, we headed towards St. Louis, where we spent a night with some friends from Papua New Guinea who are also on furlough.  

In the car, Greg was brushing up on his jokes from this Sesame Street book.  He was quite a ham, and loved to tell his jokes to groups of complete strangers and get some laughs.

What jokes, you ask?  Well, in the book they are told by Oscar the Grouch.  Here is a sample:

"What did the rotten apple say to the trash can?  Nothing!  Apples can't talk.  Heh heh heh."

Next we stayed with some supporters in Waterloo, Illinois, SE of St. Louis.  They told us that we haven't really been to St. Louis if we hadn't gotten some frozen custard from Ted Drewes.  So the next day we stopped by on our way out of town.  Unfortunately, there was no custard to be had at 10:30 in the morning, but this photo proves that we at least attempted it!  Next time, St. Louis...

Another lunchtime picnic in a park.  I've lost track of how many different parks we visited in the past two weeks!

Proof that I, the photographer, was actually on the trip.

Next, a stop in Lawrence, KS, to see a dear supporter.   Norman is 99 years old, and has been faithfully supporting us since Brian joined Wycliffe.  We always stop by and see him when we are in the area.  Greg enjoyed getting rides around the house on his walker!

Our final stop was in Limon, CO, to see my (Susan's) friend from college, who I hadn't seen since our wedding!  You can just barely see their house in the background.  They are surrounded by a wind farm, which Brian thought was pretty cool.

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Jen said...

Someday you will make it to the DC area. Or maybe I will make it all the way to PNG to visit! Can't believe how big the boys are.