Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Nebraska and Missouri

We are a few days into our road trip, visiting family and supporting churches.  I thought I'd post a few photos of the journey so far.

The boys have done really well in the car so far.  It probably helps that Brian planned out our route so that we never have to drive more than 4-1/2 or 5 hours in one day.  Caleb sleeps a lot.  Greg, unfortunately, almost never sleeps in the car, but he has a little basket of toys to keep him entertained.  And if all else fails, we have the secret weapon of his LeapPad.

The other ingredient to our success is that Brian did a great job of planning play stops along the way.  After about two hours in the car, we stop at a park somewhere along the way, have lunch, and let Greg play for about an hour.  Since we're not in a hurry to get to our destination, this has worked out very well.


Caleb also enjoys getting out of his car seat for some fresh air.

 We stopped in Gothenburg, NE our first night on the road.  We had been telling Greg that on this trip we were going to see Uncle Darin and Aunt Becky.  We stopped to see this original Pony Express station at a park in Gothenburg.  Greg went right up to it and tried the door, which was locked.  He sighed and said "we'll wait until Darin and Becky get home," thinking it was their house!

 We spent two nights with some new friends in Carter Lake, Iowa (near Omaha, NE) where we stopped to share about our ministry with a Wycliffe Associates group.  It was a lovely spot, and Greg begged to go back to "the duck house."

We are now in Milan, MO with Uncle Darin and Aunt Becky.  This morning Greg got to have a tea party with Aunt Becky (drinking chocolate milk "tea").

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