Saturday, September 28, 2013


Last Monday we got to go out to the airstrip to greet a flight that had some special visitors.  Five people from our home church in Oregon are here as part of a short-term team, including Brian's mother (the one waving in the photo).  Greg was so excited.  He shouted, "It's grandma!  It's grandma!" as soon as he saw her.

The team is here to help with renovations to the Teen Centre - a large, multipurpose building that is important to the whole community, not just the teens.  Their main task is to re-paint the outside of the building.

It's so nice to have some folks from back home come to see us.  We are thrilled that they are able to see Papua New Guinea for themselves, and to get a better grasp of what our life and work here is like.

Dave, hard at work.

Maddy and Susie, making the place look sharp.

Jan got to sit down on the job.

 I think Sharon was having a little too much fun with that paint sprayer!

Today the team got to take a little side trip out to a nearby village, where they were treated to a traditional Papua New Guinean mumu.

Uncovering the food.

Grandma enjoying time with her grandsons.

Caleb loved being the center of attention.

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