Friday, October 25, 2013

Photo Fridays: Week 3

Hello again!  Here is a look at our week:

We were able to attend a music class in Lae with two of the girls who live at the Lae center.  Both boys loved it!

Sharing popcorn with new friends.

Caleb LOVED bouncing the basketball.  Eunice (the maintenance man’s daughter) LOVED playing with Caleb.

On Wednesday we were able to drive back home to Ukarumpa.  The back of the van held an interesting assortment of items: a coffin (the family decided that they wanted to buy a nicer coffin than the one that we provided, so we had to return the one we brought), about 10 boxes of cereal that we found at a great price on the discount rack (only two weeks past date!!), and several boxes of candy.  The candy wasn’t for us though.  Some folks from our store in Ukarumpa were down in Lae buying special items to sell for Christmas, and they sent all the candy up with us because we had air conditioning in the van that we were driving.

The crate that we shipped from Oregon has been released from customs and went up to Ukarumpa the same day we did.  We hope to have it delivered to our house today and will have a fun time on Saturday unpacking it.

It’s rainy season.  These are the muddy stroller tires after going to market this morning.  I nearly lost my shoe at one point on the road!

This is Fluffy.  He and Greg are inseparable (except for this morning, because Fluffy got a “bath” and is out hanging on the line right now while Greg is at school).  Fluffy usually prays for us at meal time (in a rather annoying, high-pitched voice).

Thanks for looking… see you next week!

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