Friday, November 8, 2013

Photo Fridays: Week 5

Here is a look at our week.  I was playing single mom for most of it.  Brian was gone Friday through Wednesday to the town of Madang.  He fixed a bunch of stuff (generators, trucks… exciting things like that) while he was there.  Perhaps I’ll convince him to write his own blog post about that trip.

Greg and I planted some seeds (and yes, grandma, we did plant some dahlias!)

A bucket of dirt on the front porch?  Yes, please!

He was being a rainbow.

Popsicles with mom in the afternoon while Caleb is napping.

I went back to work!  I’m helping out with a training course for the next three weeks that helps national translators improve their English and computer skills.  This is our classroom.  Wasn’t the sky gorgeous that day?  It just makes me happy to be back out at our Training Center again.

There are 29 participants in the course, all of whom are involved in translating Scriptures into their respective languages.

The boys enjoying their Word Whammer (an alphabet/spelling game).  

We saw this horse enjoying its hauswin one morning as we took a walk.

Notice how dirty the water is?  When rainy season starts, it stirs up all the mud in the river, which makes the water in our toilets and baths (which is pumped from the river) this color.  Since Brian was gone and we’ve been getting a fair amount of rain now, I took it upon myself to change our water system so that our whole house is now running on rain water from our tank.  That’s one good thing about rainy season… clean water in the bathtub!

This is what lunch looks like when dad’s away: popcorn, fruits and veggies! 
 (I don’t think I cooked at all while he was gone…)

Thanks to Matt, who took a few action shots of Brian working in Madang.  
(Normal people don’t go around taking photos of themselves at work, but we missionaries are always looking for photos for the newsletter or blog!)

Isn’t my husband handy?  (I missed him)

Homemade play dough is good on a cloudy, drizzly day.

Thanks for looking.  See you next week.

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