Friday, November 15, 2013

Photo Fridays: Week 6

Last Saturday was Ukarumpa’s annual Carnival – an event put on by the High School for the community.  They always donate part of the money raised to a charity here in PNG.  It’s a fun event that many of the kids look forward to.  One mom told me that her son, whose birthday always falls near Carnival, looks forward to Carnival more!

Yes, someone has a cotton candy machine here!  Caleb actually refused to try it, and so Brian had to eat the whole thing himself.

The Ferris Wheel is very popular.  It has four seats (which are swingy enough that you can actually do flips if you want when you ride – I didn’t!) and is powered by the brute strength of High School boys.

Greg LOVED it.

And we even had an air show!  A few of the folks who are really into RC aircraft put on a demonstration, which was actually very impressive.  Brian didn’t have his plane out there, he just watched with the boys.

This is a bad photo, but here are the boys with “Mamma Anna,” the lady who has been watching them at our house while I work.  The boys love her.

One of my favorite tropical flowers is frangipani.  Our trees look very dead during dry season, since frangipani do better on the coast.  But now that the rain has returned, the trees have leafed out and bloomed.

This is how you know you’re at a good party in Ukarumpa.  Folks always take of their shoes when entering a house.  This was a potluck to welcome back some coworkers who recently returned from the States.

I’ve been a bit obsessed with photography this week.  The boys have been my helpless targets.  This probably sums up how Greg feels: “Don’t shoot!”

Caleb has been a bit more cooperative (when he can sit still).  I’ve also been experimenting with different photo editing software.  I hope Santa brings me some…

The produce I bought at market this morning, getting its bleach-water bath before being put away.

And I came home from market to see story time with daddy.  Greg and Brian were poring over one of his old diesel textbooks from college.  Greg was really into it.  
He told me, “It’s just like Handy Manny!”

Until next time!

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