Friday, November 22, 2013

Photo Fridays: Week 7

It's Friday again.  We've had a busy week; take a look!

Brian installed some new lighting fixtures this week.  It's something that we've been dreaming of doing ever since we bought the house four (!) years ago.

No more bare bulbs sticking out of ceilings and walls!!

Morning sun shining through fluffy blonde baby hair.

Greg toted his tools around the yard and fixed things (that tree behind him needed some serious repair!)

We did some major pruning on a tree in our front yard.  (Like our stepladder?)

One of the many faces of Caleb.

There is nothing Greg loves more in the morning than spending some extra time snuggling in bed with mom or dad.  This is their reaction when they realized I'd caught them still in bed.

The tragedy of a toy thrown from the porch and in danger of being chewed on by the dog.

And the graduation celebration of the students from two training courses.  The students from the class I helped with composed a song celebrating the blessing of their mother tongue.

A sign of the times.  Many of the students were snapping photos on their digital cameras and phones.

John was one of the students at my table group in English class.

 These lovely ladies are two sisters from Australia who traveled here to teach English grammar and phonics.  They were a delight to work with.  The happy graduates with them are two brothers, each representing different communities and denominations.

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