Friday, November 29, 2013

Photo Fridays: Week 8

Here is another week’s worth of photos for your enjoyment:

Caleb is obsessed with toothbrushes.  Brushing his teeth with his favorite person (daddy) is a highlight of his day.  And woe to the person who eventually takes the toothbrush away.  We’re talking serious heartbreak here!

The neighbor girl and her friend organized a treasure hunt for Greg.  Here he is proudly holding his treasure.

The neighbor girls love Caleb.  And this also shows Caleb’s fancy new shoes.  He’s 14 months old and wearing a size 6 shoe.  We’re having trouble stuffing his fat baby feet into shoes designed for toddlers, so most of the time he goes barefoot, like a good MK.

Our Thanksgiving tree is filling out nicely!

This is why we will be having chicken for Thanksgiving dinner tonight instead of turkey.  This turkey translates to $7.66/lb  or $92 for a 12lb bird.  (And that’s a subsidized price, we are told by the folks at the store.  It doesn’t reflect the actual cost!!!)

Greg picket out this bouquet at the market.  We can get nice fresh bouquets for about 40-80 cents.

The boys discover, to their great delight, that they are STILL wearing matching pajamas in the morning, just like when they went to bed!

I took this fun photo of Caleb this week.  Moments after this was taken, the cars were scattered in all directions, thanks to a jealous older brother.

Greg loves to play flight simulator with dad, especially when they can fly to go see Grandma and Grandpa.

And that was our week!  Thanks for visiting.

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