Friday, December 20, 2013

Photo Fridays: Week 11

I just noticed that this is our 300th post on this blog.  Cool.  And now on to our week in photos:

Sunday morning at the Pidgin language service.  (It's not normally quite this empty... I think a lot of folks were sitting in the very back).  Our Korean dentist, who was about to leave for furlough, was singing a special Christmas number.  He happens to be a very talented classical vocalist.

Greg's preschool class had a little end-of-semester party for the parents.  They sang a few songs and showed us around their classroom.

Greg and his best friend from preschool.  (Aiden's mom works in the directors' office with Brian)

After four years living here, I'm finally learning how to use local greens in ways other than how the locals eat them.  These went into a soup as a substitute for spinach.

A special Christmas party for the women of the community.

We made Grandpa Simmons' traditional Christmas toffee (although we had to use almonds instead of filberts)

Greg likes to make "funny faces" with facial features clipped from magazines.

I spent a large part of the week in rehearsals for the Christmas Eve play.  It was written and is being directed by Cathy, who you see in this photo.  She is a very brave person... I have the only adult part in a cast of 46 people ... the rest is all kids with a few teens thrown in.

 Are you still stuck for an idea for a Christmas gift?  This cassowary chick could be yours for the low price of K300 (about $120).  It will grow to be about 5-6 feet tall and perhaps 130lbs.  I was told an adult would fetch K1000 ($400)

Or, if a cassowary is out of your price range, you could buy the bird in the back for the same price as a chicken.  The locals call it a Guria (the same word used for earthquake, shake, or startle), but it's also knows as Victoria's Crowned Pigeon.  It's the largest pigeon in the world (and I've heard they are pretty tasty).

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas.  Blessings on you and yours!

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