Friday, December 6, 2013

Photo Fridays: Week 9

 Hello again, friendly blog reader!  May I present our week in pictures....

the boys play airplanes 

Our store's annual Christmas Sale was this past Saturday.  I think some people like to line up outside just because they are nostalgic for Black Friday sales

At the market, Greg picked out a wreath for our front door.  His criteria?  The biggest one, of course.

Greg usually doesn't like pictures, but one day we were out in the back yard and he actually had a lot of fun with a game he called "I don't want you to take pictures of me so you chase me and find me."  (He requested that we play it again the following day)



Brian accidentally poked a hole in the header tank on our roof when he was inspecting a rusty spot.  Thankfully he was able to patch it fairly well, otherwise we wouldn't have water in the house!  Still, we need to start budgeting for a replacement, because the repair won't last forever.

While Brian was fixing the water tank, I was wandering around the  yard watching the boys and looking for something to photograph.  I nearly ran into this guy's web, hanging from our tree.  (And that's not a macro shot... )


We made sausages!

Greg always races out of school full of energy when I come to pick him up.  The boy behind him is Greg's best friend, or so he tells me.

 And finally, the boys have fun with their reflections.

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