Friday, January 3, 2014

Photo Fridays: Week 13

Happy 2014 everyone!  I’m up at 5am this morning because that’s when Caleb has been waking up lately needing a diaper change.  And since the boys share a room he usually wakes up Greg, who demands that Caleb come back to bed because he’s lonely.  So Greg ends up getting up too.  Oh the fun we have while dad is still in bed!

Last Saturday I went with several other ladies to a get-together at a coffee plantation about 20min drive from Ukarumpa.  We were invited by the daughter-in-law of the owner.  It was a lovely time.

They had a new hornbill. 

Greg was very deep in thought while he munched this banana.

Most of the week was spent tearing out our old fireplace, laying tile and installing the new wood stove.  As you can see, Caleb was a big "help."

And here it is!  We will have to wait a few weeks for the paint to come up from the port city before we can paint the chimney.  To see the old fireplace, look at last week's post.  A big thanks to all of our "technical advisors" and those who offered practical help during this project: Michael, LaVeryl, Matt, Todd... there are probably more that I am forgetting.

I bought a heap of strawberries at the market on Monday.  A cease-fire agreement was signed just before Christmas which put a halt to the tribal fighting in the valley, and now the strawberry sellers can come back to market.

I drove a few friends into the town of Kainantu for a shopping trip.  We were in the middle of a two-week-long closure of all our departments here on center, and so we were all a little stir crazy.

Time to power-wash the back sidewalk again.  The moss is pretty, but slippery!

And finally, a few scenes from our back yard....

Ruby's favorite toy.

Boys and dogs... both very hard to catch on film sometimes!

Greg patiently awaits his chance.  Caleb seems to know what is coming....

... and there it is.  Baths for everyone tonight!

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