Friday, January 10, 2014

Photo Fridays: Week 14

Wow… I just realized that Caleb got more than his fair share of the photos for this week!  I must have been low on inspiration for things to photograph, because there aren’t as many photos this week either.

Caleb is at the age where he does not want to ride in the stroller, but mom still wants him to!  Here he strains against his straps and says, "Let me outta here!"

Tuesday is garbage day in Ukarumpa.  All departments had been closed for two weeks over the holidays, and so most people had three weeks worth of garbage this Tuesday.  Predictably, my boys love to see the garbage tractor come around.  

 Playing with rocks.

Looking out the window.  Thanks to cousin Rylan for the cute shirt!

The land that Ukarumpa occupies is on lease from the government.  A stipulation of the lease requires that a certain percentage of the land be used for agricultural purposes.  Hence, the cows.

The magic "golden ticket" that everyone hopes to see in their mailbox.  It usually means that you have a package waiting for you!

It's not that he wasn't excited about the present, Jess - he was just overdue for his nap!

Playing with trucks and trains never gets old.

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