Saturday, January 18, 2014

Photo Fridays: Week 15

 This week things are getting busier.  I think our Christmas Break is finally truly over (even though Greg won't start preschool again until next Friday)

We got a few more Christmas packages this week.  The one from my parents included Legos, of course.

Caleb looks very heroic here in his helmet, doesn't he?

We viciously attacked the bougainvillea monster in our backyard (again).  This time we chopped off everything over the level of our heads, leaving very little foliage.  I didn't put in an after photo because we're not done yet.  We feel like we actually have a chance at conquering this thing now, and so today Brian plans to borrow a chainsaw and remove most of the limbs at the bottom, leaving only a few of the more upright and attractive ones.  I have high hopes that in a month or two we will have an attractive and manageable purple tree in our back yard.

Of course, all that pruning means that the yard rubbish pile on the road next to our house is as big as ever.  A crew of Papua New Guineans comes around once a month to haul away your pile.  This is just a week after they hauled away our pile... so we asked them to come around again and get ours twice this month.

Greg enjoying a rest on our neighbors' bench.  They come back to PNG next week after some time in the States.

The boys fight over who gets front row "seats" on the stool to watch the smoothie-making magic happen.

Caleb is full of tantrums these days.  Boy that child can hold a grudge!  I remember Greg was the same way at this age.

Checking out apparel from the 1890's.  Auditions for the High School production of The Importance of Being Earnest are in a little more than a week.  I'm in charge of doing costumes, and I'm really looking forward to it.  Drama has always been a big thing at our school, and they usually do a fabulous job.

 Greg plays a math app that we downloaded before we left the States.  I'm amazed at how good he is.  As Brian likes to remind me,  Greg will never know a time when there wasn't touch screens...

"If only I could get over this railing..."  (I think he was watching the front-end loader.)

Brian flew to Madang and back yesterday, to do some diagnostics on a generator there.  It was weird to have him leave on a trip in the morning, and then drive out to the airstrip to welcome him back the same day!  I guess the pilot hung out with him and helped him until he was ready to leave, and then they flew back, stopping at a bush airstrip on the way to pick up another passenger.

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