Friday, January 24, 2014

Photo Fridays: Week 16

Welcome back.  Here is recap of our week:

Let's start with the bougainvillea renovation.  Check out last week for the before photo.   Brian is using a chainsaw to remove most of what it left of the tree.

 Watching daddy work.

 And the aftermath.  I know it looks drastic, but this baby will be up and blooming and into my laundry lines again in no time, trust me!  Our yard meri, when she saw it, was delighted.

On Monday and Tuesday, Brian and I attended the Multi-Language Initiative conference with about 170 others.  We were discussing strategies for initiating new multi-language translation programs in the country, and picked two new areas where the branch intends to start programs in the next six months.

 A teeny-tiny banana.

The boys enjoy a slushie on a hot day.

 Our friend Amos came over one afternoon to get some help from Brian on his homework.  He is a heavy diesel apprentice and alternates between working in the shop here and attending classes in Mount Hagen.

Caleb didn't want to let them get any work done.  While they  struggled through hydraulic theory, he brought Amos all of his trucks to look at.

 I've been playing with a new 50-200mm lens that came in a Christmas package. 

 And last night we tried out a new recipe - Mustardy Beef Sausage.  It promises to be a good one, though we haven't tried it yet.

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