Friday, February 7, 2014

Photo Fridays: Week 18

I nearly forgot to post this week!  Lucky for you, I remembered…

On Saturday I attended a drama workshop with the cast of the High School play –
 The Importance of Being Earnest

These two lovely British ladies put on a proper British tea for the cast and coached them in etiquette, deportment and pronunciation.

Can’t you tell they are working hard to maintain good posture?

Brian was gone for five days this week helping to install a new generator for our center in the city of Lae.  It was hot work, but they were able to get it all working.

I asked him to bring me back some pig fat to use in sausage making and so that I could render some lard.  He walked up to the meat counter and made his request of the butcher.  "How much do you want?" asked the butcher.  "Just give me everything you have," Brian replied.  And thus he came home with six kilos (about 13lbs) of pig fat!  I rendered one crockpot full of fat (about 4lbs) this week and ended up with 2lbs of lard, but there is still a lot of chopped up fat in my freezer!

Greg has somehow convinced Caleb that pushing him around the house is a fun game.

Greg looking down through the trampoline.  I was under there taking photos of him jumping.

The boys' favorite spot in our yard, known officially as "The Dirt."

Caleb is obsessed with spotting trucks, so he likes to watch the road.

A passion fruit flower

A smile.

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