Friday, February 21, 2014

Photo Fridays: Week 20

Last Saturday Brian and I went to the annual Valentine's Dinner.  It's a fundraiser put on by the 11th grade class at the High School.  The kids decorate and serve, but I suspect that it's the moms who do most of the cooking.

My date!

This week's post will be dominated by photos of the tree cutting, since that's the most noteworthy thing that happened.  (Plus Caleb was sick half the week, and I spent more time taking care of him than snapping pictures!)

A before shot.

Tama at work.

  I'm glad I'm not the one up there!

The cutting is going fairly slow, because the tree is surrounded by things we don't want to have smooshed.  You know, houses, carport, other trees, power lines... that sort of thing.  This means that there is lots of time spent securing large branches with ropes before cutting so that they can be directed as they fall and then lowered gently to the ground.

 And this is where we were at this morning before the guys started working, after about four and a half days of work

Greg all ready to go to school this morning.   He loves the new green shirt that came in a package from grandma.  Yes, I know that he's wearing his sharp new green polo with blue athletic shorts.  Every day, Greg's arm.. um, I mean crane, picks out his clothes.   I've decided that most days, it's not worth arguing with the crane and it's theories on clothes that match.

Caleb sees a "TRUCK!"

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