Friday, March 21, 2014

Photo Fridays: Week 24

Our week started off with a swarm of bees.

 The bees decided to take up residence inside our gas barbecue on our front porch (which can be seen through the window).  After Brian convinced them that it was not a good location for a nest, killing a large number in the process,  they still swarmed around the porch for a few days. Last Saturday they decided that they would try to come inside the house, through our dining room window, which doesn't have a screen.  The louvers don't shut tight enough on this window to keep bees from crawling in, so I resorted to stuffing rags in the cracks until they eventually gave up!

 I was watching this scene one evening and suddenly it struck me that I ought to take a photo.  Sometime, in the not-too-distant future, my boys will look back on this photo of them playing Angry Birds on daddy's iphone as sooooo old fashioned.

 A parking garage made of Duplos was the favorite toy for a few days, until eventually one too many sibling squabbles over which level the cars ought to parked on demanded it's immediate disassembly.

 You can't let a little rain and mud discourage you from digging in the flower bed.

 And what is more fun that mud puddles after a good rain?

Someone is going to need a bath!

 When he's sleeping, he still resembles the baby he was not too long ago.  Has to have Froggy and a truck when he goes to bed.

 Anyone doing taxes lately?  We get to do two sets - US taxes and PNG taxes.  We have an automatic extension to file US taxes, so we haven't gotten around to those yet, but we did get our PNG tax forms done this week.

 Caleb enjoys the new "jumping stump" - a fringe benefit of having our tree cut down.

 A new playground near the store was recently completed, and the boys have been loving it.

 And finally, sunrise this morning from our front porch.

See you next week!

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Sara said...

Thanks for posting Susan! I enjoy seeing glimpses of your Ukarumpa life and watching your boys grow up, even though I've never met either of them. (I think you were home having Greg when I left PNG). Anyway, thanks for posting - I enjoy reading it each week :-)