Friday, April 4, 2014

Photo Fridays: Week 26

Just another regular week in the Frey household.  

I wish I could represent in photos how busy Brian has been at work this week..  In his words, "This has been an exhausting week to be an administrator."  All week long he was meant to be participating in a course called "Coming Together Through Conflict."  However, he had to keep skipping out on parts of the training because he was dealing with real life conflicts!  He thinks that most things have now been resolved though, and hopefully we'll have a nice quiet weekend.

 Caleb cannot wait until he's big enough to do everything Greg does.  Here he is on the monkey bars.  He'll climb as high as he can, then dangle and drop to the ground.  He lost a button on his shirt because he pulls himself up onto furniture on his stomach all the time.

Greg has a much more cautious approach to life.  He's big enough to climb the monkey bars, but still prefers to have mom or dad close by.  This mom doesn't mind that at all - Caleb worries me sometimes because he thinks he's invincible!

 Greg has been getting these little photocopied books from preschool - one for each letter they study.  We now have most of the alphabet, and the books are a huge hit with both the boys.

 This past weekend we stopped in at one of the teen hostels for a chat with the house parents.  They were enjoying a nice quiet house for once, since all the kids leave during school breaks.  The boys loved playing this hockey game with "Mr. Mont."  He's way crazier than mom and dad, and the boys had a blast chasing him around the big empty hostel.

 A new haircut for me!  The Ukarumpa community is really blessed right now to have a professional stylist here who has set up a little salon in an outbuilding in her backyard.  In addition to her regular job, she does hair a few days per week.  I always cut the boys' hair myself, but over the years it has been hit and miss for getting my own hair cut, as people with various levels of experience come and go in the community.

 Caleb loves to prolong our family walks, as long as we are going downhill.  When it comes time to walk back up the the house, however, he usually asks for a ride.

You gotta be quick when photographing kids.  Two seconds before I snapped this photo, there was an adorable, brotherly pose going on, I swear. :)

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I love your haircut!