Friday, April 11, 2014

Photo Fridays: Week 27

Welcome back!  Here is what we had going on this past week:

Daddy was away on another work trip, but his shoes still managed to be all over the house this week.

 "Seriously mom?  Another picture of me?"

 Papua New Guinean students walking home from school.

 The cherry guavas are starting to ripen.

Greg wanted me to play hide and seek.  
"I'll hide here mom, and you go away and count and then come find me."

 A Duplo version of our family, created at 6am one morning...

Caleb loves to sneak away and pound on laptop keys.  Every once in a while you have that dreadful moment when you realize that Caleb has been very quiet, and then you realize that someone left the office door open again.  You rush in to find him happily pounding away.  One day this week he managed to change the orientation of our display!

 Ruby's water dish gets a lot of attention.

 Did I mention her water bowl is also a truck wash for all those muddy backyard trucks?  We have to change out her water quite often...

Yesterday Greg and I made a snow globe with a little cowboy figurine.

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