Friday, April 25, 2014

Photo Fridays: Week 29

This week:

We dyed Easter eggs. 

We can only get brown eggs here, but I think that we still get some pretty colors.

On Easter morning we went attended the sunrise service at a park near our house.  An Ukarumpa tradition is to have everyone bring flowers, and we decorate the cross, turning a symbol of death into one of life.

Later we did an Easter egg hunt in the back yard.


I made cherry guava freezer jam this week.  It was my first attempt ever at actually trying to make something out of our yearly surplus of these little red fruits (we have several bushes/trees in our yard).  I boiled the first attempt down too far - the recipe said "boil until quite thick" - and then it thickened more as it cooled, so I think we could almost slice it for sandwiches if we wanted.  But it tastes good, and I've already picked enough fruit to try another batch.

 This week I've been helping with an English course that is being held prior to our big annual Translators Training Course.  It's a chance for students to brush up on their English skills before they delve into their translation studies (in English!) for the next six weeks.

 There are about 25 students in the course, and we've been doing lots of activities to practice listening, speaking and writing.  here are some students playing "telephone."

One neat thing about helping with training courses is getting to see some of the same students come back again and again, and to see them advance in their training.  Most of the faces in this course are new to me, but there are a few familiar ones.  The man in the middle, Raymond, I first met through a literacy training course I was involved in back before we had kids.

See you next week!

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