Friday, May 9, 2014

Photo Fridays: Week 31

Here is a peek at the last week in the Frey household:

 This little guy likes to visit one of the flowering bushes in our yard.  
(Sorry - not a birder here, so I can't identify it for you!)

 A friend had a pool party for his birthday.  It was a bit too cold for swimming, but my boys, especially Caleb, pretty much refused to get out of the water, even though they were turning blue.

 I finally coaxed him out with a cookie.

 He looks really soulful in this photo, but I think that he's actually listening to either The Garbage Truck Song or The Ants Go Marching.

 Brian dug a huge hole in our basement so that he can install a sump pump.  The project isn't quite done, as we're still waiting for the new concrete to cure.  Unfortunately, it's now the end of rainy season and so we may not get to see how successful it is at keeping our basement dry for several months!

 Speaking of water... we have two water systems that feed our house. One is drinkable, and one is not.  We have a series of valves we can use to control which type of water we are using, depending on how much rain we have been getting.  However, sometimes Brian and I have little... uh... miscommunications about who changed the system.  One day this week I turned on the wrong valve, thinking we were using water from our rain tank.  I didn't realize Brian had changed the system over to RAM (i.e. the undrinkable river water) the night before.  By the time I realized my mistake, I had pumped huge amount of our precious rain water back into the RAM system, wasting it.  I finally decided it was time to print up that sign that Brian had been asking for, so that we can clearly communicate whether we are on RAM water or TANK water!

They were riding the steam tram to school.  (Can you tell we have a Thomas fan in our house?)  It is a very small steam tram, as you can see, so I guess it makes sense that you have to hug the other passenger tightly to keep from falling out.  Greg has been making up very involved imaginary play scenarios all week, and Caleb just goes along with it, though I doubt he really understands the plot lines.

 Ah-achoo!  It's red grass season - the bane of allergy sufferers like myself.  I found this particular clump to photograph just a stone's throw from our back yard.

Until next Friday!


Sara said...

Nice pictures as always Susan! I think your bird is a Mountain Myzomela (and I think it's a male because of the bright red head). It was fun to look back through a few of my bird pictures and figure it out :-)

Brian and Susan said...

Thanks Sara. I actually thought to myself, "Sara probably knows what this is..." when I posted the photo!

Sharon said...

Great week for sure, Pool parties are always great!