Friday, May 23, 2014

Photo Fridays: Week 33

Our week started off on a great note when we discovered Fluffy (the light-colored puppy) squashed underneath Greg's mattress.  Fluffy used to be the absolute favorite companion until he went missing a few months ago.  In the meantime, Cuddles (the black one) had usurped his place.  Here the two are getting reacquainted.  So far, they seem to have been able to co-reign as favorites.

Caleb gets his flat tires fixed.

A sheet of bubble wrap provided a lot of jumping fun.

Safety first!  It's important to wear your helmet when you are riding three to a motorcycle.

Painting some toilet paper rolls for a craft

The finished product... a family of octopi (we made one for daddy later).  It's so cute to hear Caleb try to say octopus.  ap-puh-pus.

We also had fun with a balloon rocket (taped to a straw that was threaded on the string)

This morning Caleb brought these to me and said, ""  (I've been telling him he looks like a cool dude when he wears them.)

 And this morning I also had my 16-week checkup and ultrasound.  Everything looks good, and it's always fun to see little hands and face and to watch baby flip around even before I can feel anything. And no, we didn't find out the sex.  Our doctor here, who is not an ultrasound specialist, prefers not to hazard any guesses, so even if we decide we want to know this time, we'll have to wait until we get back to the U.S.  In past experience, U.S. providers look at my medical records from PNG and, though they don't say anything out loud, you can tell they are privately doubting all the information in there from Papua New Guinea (wherever that is).  Probably because my prenatal records will be concisely recorded (in handwriting!) on just two or three pages.  All the information is there, but doctors in the States are used to seeing 4-5 pages of computer printout and dictation for each visit.  And so they will probably order up a whole slew of lab tests and another ultrasound at my first visit.

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