Friday, June 6, 2014

Photo Fridays: Week 35

Here is peek at our week:

 (photo: Halferty)
The big deal last week was Banquet, which I referred to in my last post.  The oh-so-secret theme was "Treasure Island."  The decorations were truly impressive, but I won't post too many here.  This is a photo of the ship/bowling alley that was built upstairs, with other booths housing games and crafts to keep the students busy. 

(Photo: J. Brownie)
Another view of the bowling alley.  They used bamboo for the pins and bowled with coconuts.

My job was to take portraits of the students at the photo booth, which you can just see in the upper left corner of the photo (under the "Ye Old Portraits" sign)

Here is a photo of the play.  Parents, teachers and other adults dressed as pirates to go along with the theme.  In addition to being pirates, they each represented one of the members of the 12th grade class.  The play always involves lots of inside jokes, and gives the adults a chance to poke fun at their kids, but also to celebrate their uniqueness and talents.

We've been eating a lot of watermelon this week.  Normally watermelon is expensive and hard to find in Ukarumpa, but Brian made two trips to Lae in the past two weeks, and he brought back a huge watermelon each time.  Delicious!

A backyard photo of one of the many looks of Caleb.

Greg, in true big-brother fashion, has been perfecting his technique of making Caleb cry without actually touching or hurting him.  He likes to do this by hovering too close or by following him around repeating the same word over and over.  Oh, sibling love...

Here in Ukarumpa we have a weekly photo challenge just for fun, for those of us interested in photography.  The theme this week was "blue,"  so I took a photo of Mr. Blue Eyes against our blue kitchen wall.

A cold slushie on a hot day.  We are in dry season now, which means nights, mornings and evenings can be quite chilly, but it still usually gets pretty hot during the middle of the day.

 And my first public baby bump photo, now that I actually have something to show.  I'm at 18 weeks today and still feeling great.

Until next time!

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