Friday, June 20, 2014

Photo Fridays: Week 37

The week started off with a bang... or shall I say, siren?

Just down the road from us, the community sauna caught fire.  Wait, you guys have a sauna?  Yes, we do (or did).  Remember that we have a significant number of Europeans living here, and those Finnish folks, they like to sauna (and they have converted many of other nationalities as well).

We are thankful for the men in the community who volunteer on the fire crew.  They did a great job.  (I posted a photo of our fire truck earlier in this post.)  It was an older building, and apparently had been built without proper insulation between the fireplace and the wall.  Some men were using it when it caught fire, but no one was hurt. 

And then, of course, it was Father's Day on Sunday.  We took Brian out to lunch at the Kainantu Hotel.

We had a wonderful, relaxing afternoon in the backyard.

And what a great dad he is!

We hung the swing that great grandpa and grandma sent the boys.  Lots of fun!


 Sometimes we still have issues with maintaining balance...

 Tuesday was the last day of school, and Greg's preschool class had a little party with the parents.  Greg is pretty excited about the fact that after the 5-week school break he will get to start as a Kapul (the pidgin name for a tree kangaroo = the name for the 4-yr-old preschool class) and go to school three mornings a week.  I don't think he realizes that at least four of his friends will not be in his class next school year.  And so we enter the murky waters of helping our third-culture-kids deal with the constant going and coming of friends.

 And Tuesday night Brian and I attended the 12th grade graduation ceremony.  We got front-row seats because I was the official photographer.  There were 24 students in the graduation class.  It's a significant milestone, as many of them will be leaving PNG in the next week or so to return to their passport countries, which aren't really home to them.

 Ice cream comes in rather disturbingly bright colors here.  This is "blueberry" flavor.

 Yesterday was cold and drizzly all day.  We actually kept a fire blazing in the wood stove all day, and I hung up laundry from the curtain rods to dry.  Greg and I constructed a parking garage out of a box, which was a good rainy day activity.  It's amazing how much time can be spent parking cars!

That's all for this week!

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