Friday, June 27, 2014

Photo Fridays: Week 38

I don't have much to show for this week.  There is a pretty yucky cold that is making the rounds in our community, and we all got it to one degree or another this week.  Coughing, cranky, runny-nosed kids aren't very photogenic, and a coughing, cranky (yes, I'll admit it), runny-nosed mom doesn't feel much like taking photos.

But here is what I do have:

A very brief snippet of Caleb trying to sing the theme from Veggie Tales.  At this age, Greg had absolutely zero interest in watching cartoons, and we were actually concerned about that, as we were looking forward to long international flights with him at age two.  It's amazing how Caleb already asks for specific shows by name, and already knows all the characters of his favorite shows.  I guess that's what happens when you have the influence of an older brother.

 The realities of family Bible reading time when you have small kids.  There is often someone crying, asking for something, jumping on you, making you wear a hat, etc... (of course, I can't talk, because obviously it was me who snapped the photo while Brian was reading)

 We had a potluck with some of Brian's co-workers.  Greg discovered croquet.  I was a little worried with passion with which he used that croquet mallet.  I determined to let Brian be the supervising parent in this situation, and pretended not to watch.

A recent sea-freight shipment from the US brought two heavy-duty lawn mowers to our house.  No, not for us.  Brian was merely assembling them before delivering them to the school and the construction and maintenance departments.  Brian's parents actually did the leg work of buying one of them and packing it in a crate for the shipment.   

One day we made a fort out of the kitchen table.  It was supposed to be one of those things that kept the boys entertained for hours, but it didn't quite last that long.  I was complaining to Brian that I see all these posts on Facebook, Pinterest etc. that promise fun and creative activities to keep your children entertained all summer long, but in actual practice they only seem to keep the kids' attention for maybe 15 minutes.  Like the time that I spent all this time drawing a chalk map of Ukarumpa on the concrete outside, so that the boys could drive their cars around on it.  Within five minutes, we were packing it in because Caleb was walking on the chalk and smearing it, which made Greg furious, and pretty soon both were in tears.  Brian just looked at me and said something very profound:

"Susan, those 'mommy blogs' - they are like Better Homes and Gardens.  It's not real life."

Well said, Brian.

 Not to say that the boys didn't have some fun with the fort.  It turned out to be a great spot from which to launch a surprise jump-on-pregnant-mommy attack on me as I lay on the floor trying to take some cute photos for my blog.  Guess who put a stop to that one?

So that's all for now, but stay tuned.  Tomorrow Brian and I get to fly to Madang to attend a Bible dedication (without the kids!!)   I hope to have some good photos to share from that.

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