Friday, July 25, 2014

Photo Fridays: Week 42

I don't have much to share this week.  On Saturday the hard drive in our laptop died.  The amazing thing is that I had done a backup of our data that same morning!  So thankfully we didn't lose much of anything.

The second amazing thing is that our computer department had just received a new shipment of Dell hard drives that week, so we were able to get it repaired fairly quickly (i.e. we got it back yesterday afternoon.)  We're thankful once again for our friend Ben in Oregon who gave us a loaner laptop last August when we had to travel back to PNG without our laptop (because it was in for repairs... we haven't had good luck with computers this year!).  We had something to use while our main computer was in the shop.

Still... it takes a loooooong time to restore all files and programs to a computer and to get everything working again, so I only have a few photos for you this week:

 At 25 weeks, the baby belly has become pretty prominent.

 A photo of Brian not doing some sort of work.  (He's been working a ton this week since we got back from our "vacation," so I had to document the fact that he does come home for meals).  Actually, I was taking a sample photo to prove to him that he'd made the right choice letting me order a hot shoe flash for my camera as my birthday present.  (It came in the mail this week). Now I just have to learn how to properly use the thing.  Anyone want to let me practice on you?

 Caleb found daddy's safety glasses in the shop and had to run upstairs to show daddy.  "Daddy glasses wearing... show daddy."

 A new school year is upon us.  Greg started Kapuls (4-year-old preschool) yesterday.  He was a bit nervous when I dropped him off with a new classroom and new teacher, but when I picked him up at lunchtime he reported that he "had a wonderful time at school."

And this kid cracks me up with his expressive faces:

Until next week!

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