Friday, August 1, 2014

Photo Fridays: Week 43

It's August already?  This year is just flying by!  Here is what we've been up to this week:

Grandma Kathy - this board game you sent Greg for his birthday is a huge hit.  We play it multiple times daily.  And it also makes a great track for cars or trains when mom gets tired of playing and needs a break!  (It's Richard Scarry's Busytown: Eye Found It!  game, for any other moms with 4-year-olds...)

 One day this week Caleb was obsessed with having his hands in his pockets.  They pretty much stayed in there the whole day.

Sunrise from my front porch.

One day when Caleb was napping, Greg helped me scrape ice out of the freezer.  We put it in a big bowl and carried it to the front yard.  Greg had fun playing in the "snow" before it melted.

 When Caleb woke up, Greg was really bummed that he missed out on the snow, so I gave them a tray of ice cubes to play with.  That kept them entertained for quite a while too.

Caleb had to taste them, of course.

Caleb finally feels confident to really jump on the trampoline.  Sometimes he can even handle jumping with the big kids without crying.

Random leaf from the back yard. 

 These are photos I took for this week's photo theme: "together."  I actually got Greg to cooperate and voluntarily smile for the camera!  (And no, he didn't get to eat the whole stack of cookies...)

 Milk and cookies and kids do go well together, don't they?

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