Friday, August 22, 2014

Photo Fridays: Week 46

Our week started off with a visit to the bouncy castle - a rare treat that was brought out for a 9th grade fundraiser.

Because of Caleb's afternoon nap, we only made it to the school in time for one 5-minute stint in the bouncy castle, but I made it up to them with some cotton candy (another treat that only comes out a few times a year)

I think he likes it.

Caleb wearing daddy's hat.

Greg's new specialty meal, the "funny bun," as he calls it.  It's a sandwich with peanut butter, jam, and ketchup.  Sounds gross to me, but I can't complain about the fact that my never-eats-protein-without-a-fuss preschooler is now regularly eating peanut butter. 

 Today Greg's preschool class had a little program to show the parents what they are learning.

 Greg and some of the other boys.

 Friday is the day when parents can come and have a picnic lunch with their kids at the primary campus.    This little boy with Greg has rapidly become his best school friend over the past month.  They are pretty inseparable.  Unfortunately, his family will be returning to Sweden while we are in the U.S. having our baby.  Who knows when they will see each other again?  Such is the life of an MK....

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