Saturday, September 13, 2014

Photo Fridays: Week 49

I woke up this (Saturday) morning to an indignant email from my mother, wanting to know where her Photo Friday post was.  I admit, I completely forgot.  You would think that I had other stuff on my mind or something... like packing up my house and imminent international travel.  Oh well.  The good news for me is that it's still Friday in the US, even though now my mom has had to wait until afternoon to see photos of her grandsons, instead of seeing them before breakfast.  Mom, I'll be writing my next Photo Friday from your house, and you'd better remind me to do it too because I'll be jet-lagged.  I don't want to be getting indignant emails from my mother-in-law!

 Some friends held a baby shower for me.  It was so nice... and even for a third child. Third babies aren't supposed to get anything, right?  I'll miss these ladies.

Greg takes his trike riding seriously.  We have to walk down the block to a cement basketball court to ride, since all our roads are dirt/rock.

 Greg had one last play date with his Swedish buddy.  Final goodbyes to be said at Sunday School tomorrow.

 These boys were running around so fast it was about impossible to get a photo of them.  I love this one though.  They were always playing with dandelions.  Greg's friend has a great imagination and was always coming up with play scenarios for them.

The boys had a blast jumping on the trampoline the rain.

For those of you who heard via Facebook that Caleb was starting to get sick, it never amounted to much.  Thanks for praying!   I will be very grateful to travel with a healthy family.  Oh, and happy 2nd birthday to this guy today!!  We aren't going to celebrate until we get back to the States though.  I don't have the mental capacity to manage a birthday party this weekend too!

Yesterday I handed my DSLR camera to an eager High School student.  After saving up some Christmas and birthday money this last year, I finally ordered a new camera, which is waiting for me in America.  The High School yearbook staff really needed a new camera, and so my old one will be taking photos of school events from now on.  I admit, I will feel a bit naked traveling without my camera.  Our point-and-shoot is pretty much dead.  It will be coming back to the US with us for warranty repair.  We do have one very old point-and-shoot camera to travel with, so hopefully I'll have some travel photos for you next week.

Knowing I'd be giving up my camera soon, I still managed to fit in two family photo shoots for friends here this week.  Waaaaaaay more fun than packing and cleaning house!

So, today is Saturday.  Early Monday morning we'll fly to Port Moresby and then to Brisbane, Australia, where we'll spend two nights.  Then on the 17th it will be three flights, to Fiji, Los Angeles, and Denver.

Pray for a nice sunny day tomorrow so that I can get all my sheets and towels washed a dried!

Until next week, when you get to see what kind of things a jet-lagged traveler blogs about....

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