Friday, September 26, 2014

Photo Fridays: Week 51

Hard to believe we've been back in Colorado for a week now!

On Sunday afternoon we had a belated birthday party for Caleb.  We were somewhat over the jet lag by that point, but Caleb was still having a rough time with the transition.  He enjoyed playing with his cousins, but was overwhelmed when he was the center of attention, hence no smiling photos with presents, cake, etc.

 So wonderful to have the whole family together again!

Caleb with his toolbox birthday cake. 

 Since he wasn't diving right in, his cousins gathered to help him out.

My grandparents watching the opening of presents.

Still the center of attention and not too happy about it.

 Daddy sympathizes with grumpy Caleb.

He did enjoy some cake a little later...

 just a Greg face

One great thing about coming home is that we get to meet my one-year-old niece for the first time (with my mom here).  We still have a nephew in Missouri that we have yet to meet.

 They don't make playgrounds like this in Papua New Guinea!  The boys had a blast here... perhaps the first time Caleb really loosened up and laughed a lot since we left PNG.

 The rainbow we saw while at the playground.

 A week into our stay in Colorado, I think the boys are finally getting back to normal.  They have really warmed up to grandpa and grandma (who is a great story reader!)

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