Saturday, November 8, 2014

Photo Fridays: Week 57

Let me just apologize up front for the lack of photos.  I really didn't get my camera out much this week.  I honestly thought that this baby was going to come early (due date is tomorrow) and that I would do a post with cute newborn photos, and so I didn't bother taking pictures of anything else.  But, I am still pregnant, so you're stuck with the few photos I was able to dig up: 

This has been a large part of the week - digging dahlias.  Yes, that's me driving the tractor with all my boys on the trailer (don't worry - the little guys are safely anchored in some of those black boxes so they don't fall off the trailer)

Caleb sitting in the mud with a bucket of worms he and Greg have picked up while following the tractor.  (Lots of laundry around here lately!)

Greg thinks farming is fun!

 Chilly weather!  You'd think it was November or something...

 And one last Greg smile.

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