Saturday, December 6, 2014

Photo Fridays: Week 61

This week:
The boys' first experience with bowling!  Greg did very well...umm... he beat me, actually.  I'll just say that playing with bumpers threw me off my A-game.  (And one of Brian's strikes was bounced off the bumpers, so I'm pretty sure that's why he did so awesome...)

 Lots of interrupted sleep this week makes us a bit reluctant to get out of bed... so often the kids join us in the mornings.  So far Kate is proving to be a night owl, and the rest of the family definitely is not!  Notice that I am not in this photo.  Having kids "sleeping" in my bed is fun for like 3 minutes.  And then I start feeling claustrophobic.

Admiring baby sister

 The boys found Uncle D's old wrestling gear and have had fun playing dress-up.

 I know this isn't a real smile at this age, but it's still cute.

Until next week!

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