Saturday, January 3, 2015

Photo Friday [65]

Welcome 2015!  I won't even pretend that we did anything for New Years.  We went to bed as early as possible, to get as much sleep as we could.  Sleep is a precious commodity these days.  (Kate is really sleeping pretty well for a 6-week-old baby, but between the three kids, there isn't a night without some interruption)

Brian helps Greg assemble a Christmas toy.

Greg had his very first dentist appointment.  He did great!  We have all been catching up on doctor and dentist visits while we have been in the States.
 Big brother and little sister hanging out. 
 I think Kate looks so much like Greg did when he was a baby.

 And she continues to grow...

 Grandpa makes sure he gets to hold the baby every day.

Oddly enough, it seems that I do a lot of that too!

Our living area is a mess right now with bags and boxes as we sort through things and begin to pack for our return.  Yes, I know it is weeks away, but I am coming to grips with how hard it is to get anything done efficiently with three little kids.  Anything I can get taken care of ahead of time is a bonus, and I know these last few weeks will fly by.

 I have spent a lot of time sorting through Kate's wardrobe for the next two and a half years.  (And in case you were wondering, Brian did not buy Kate a new Snap-on tool for Christmas... that red box in the photo is his torque wrench, which we brought back with us so that he could get it calibrated.)

We got many new clothes for Kate as gifts and also some hand-me-downs  (thank you!).  I've had a spreadsheet going as I sort through the different sizes and try to see that we have enough of everything.  Thankfully, girls' clothing is not as difficult to come by in PNG as little boys' clothing.  Still, we want to make sure that we are stocked with the basics, especially in shoes.    I found myself putting some Disney princess underwear into a box, and thinking how bizarre it was that I'm already planning far enough in advance to potty training my now six-week-old daughter.  Such is missionary life!

I feel like more boxes have been coming in the mail now than before Christmas.  We have been ordering a lot of stuff online, as we remember "Oh yeah, I wanted to pick up a [fill in the blank] while we were in the U.S."   If we ever settle down in one place for the rest of our lives, I am not going to miss all of the packing and unpacking that goes with this lifestyle!

Until next week.

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