Saturday, January 24, 2015

Photo Friday [68]

Hello, intrepid blog reader.  This will be our last Photo Friday posted from the US for a while.  Next Friday we will be arriving back home in Ukarumpa, if all goes as planned.

This past week we finished out a fun visit with Brian's brother and family in Missouri.

My boys always like to share rides on these kinds of toys.  Their cousin took a while to warm up to the idea of someone hitching a ride with him though.  

 We had a mix of cold and warm weather.  Here's Greg braving the chill to enjoy all the fun cars outside.

 Caleb helps out.

Kate doesn't like the cold!

Happy grandparents with their four grandkids!

Before heading to the airport in Kansas City, we stopped at Union Station, a huge and beautiful building.  Makes me wonder what it would have been like to catch a train here back when its main function was being a train station.

They had a cool model train display, which the boys loved, of course.  (We've seen a LOT of model trains on this stay in the States!)

 Random shot of me so that folks can't say I'm never in front of the camera.  (Try to ignore the fact that I'm holding a dirty diaper on my way to the garbage can...)

 And Kate is two months old this week!  That was quick!

Until next Friday... or Saturday.. or...well, whenever I'm over jet lag and have an internet connection on the other side I guess!

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