Saturday, January 31, 2015

Photo Friday [69]

We made it!

It feels so good to be back in our own house in Papua New Guinea. It would feel better if we were totally unpacked and there was no cleaning to do, but still, it feels pretty good.

Here is a recap of our week with a few photos of our travels.  (Not many, because I didn't have enough spare hands to get out the camera very often.)

As we finished up our packing, Greg took a camera and went around my parents' house.  He said he wanted to take lots of pictures so he could "remember this place."  Here are just a few that he took:

My dad set up the slide projector one evening and we made shadow puppets on the wall.

 We also looked through some old slides.  That cute baby is me, and my mom is the beautiful lady holding me, standing next to my dad's sisters.

 We killed a little time at the park on our last day in Colorado.

 Tuesday at the airport in Denver, ready to start the long trip.

 We had a five-hour layover in Los Angeles.  The boys plowed through the snacks we brought along.

 The international terminal at LAX now has a great play area for kids.  With a wall.  So they are contained!!!  Hooray for LAX!

 After our first three flights (Denver to Los Angeles to Fiji to Brisbane, Australia), we spent the night in Brisbane.  We all were in bed by 5:00pm!

 In Brisbane waiting to board our flight to Papua New Guinea.

And now we're home.  We're being fed by friends and neighbors this weekend, as the store is closed until Monday and we won't be able to shop until then.  We have been working on unpacking our suitcases and things that we had stored away.  The boys are excited to be home!

Our yard is shockingly green and lush after coming from a Colorado winter.  It's a bit overgrown, and I'll have to talk with our yard meri this week about fixing that!  Our bougainvillea, which we pruned so drastically a few months ago, is blooming quite nicely now.

You could pray for us as we adjust to the time zone, and also for our health.  We all have varying degrees of cold symptoms, including little Kate, despite my valiant efforts to sanitize hands and airplane tray tables during our travels.  That makes the adjustment just that much harder.

Well, we are off to dinner now, and will probably have another early night tonight.

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