Friday, February 13, 2015

Photo Friday [71]

Two weeks back in Ukarumpa now, and we are mostly back to our normal routine.

It's rainy season, so everywhere you look, things are very green (or muddy... that seems to be the other predominant color).  Well... not that PNG is ever very brown, even during "dry" season.

One day I promised the boys we could have lunch out on the porch, which they looked forward to all morning.  Of course, by the time lunchtime rolled around, it was pouring rain.

 We went ahead with our plans, but the rain pounding on the metal roof of our porch was so loud we could hardly talk to each other.  Greg was pretty disappointed.

 The boys are very eager for Kate to enjoy all the fun baby toys and books that we have.  They don't like the fact that she's too little for a lot of it.  Greg likes to "read" to her.

Kate lets us know that she is done with tummy time.

I am loving the familiar view from our front porch.


My wall is once again filling up with preschool artwork.

Pretty girl - twelve weeks old.

 Kisses from Ruby


The first bunch of bananas from our backyard is almost ripe.

Until next week, and Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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