Friday, March 6, 2015

Photo Friday [74]

Now that she has better control of her hands, everything goes in her mouth.


 The boys haven't had as much time in front of the camera lately.  (The small one is so much more cooperative!)   So I grabbed a few shots of them too.


 Our local market is three mornings per week.  I've been trying to just go one day a week, since everything is more difficult to do with three kids.
 Our week's worth of produce.  On market mornings I spend a big chunk of time washing, bleaching and prepping all of our produce for the week.

 Why is the pants-on-the-head look so funny for little boys?  He told me, "I am an angel and I have a sword to kill you!"  (I think the story of Balaam's donkey sticks in his mind better than those stories in which the angels bring good tidings!)

 All our kids have worn this shirt.

This is my exercise routine.  After dropping Greg off at school, Caleb, Kate and I take the long way home.  I may not have time to got to the gym regularly, but pushing a double stroller up the hills provides a pretty good workout!

Until next week.

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