Friday, March 20, 2015

Photo Friday [76]

Welcome back for a glimpse of our week!

 Last weekend we did a little tree trimming.  ("We" being our PNG friend Tama, who you can't really see up in that tree in the background, and Brian... with some "help" from the boys.)

 Hard-working man

 Even hard-working men need a rest sometimes.

  Kate continues being photogenic

 Throwing water balloons at a tree in our yard.


 My living room is roughly the size of a queen-sized quilt when I push the furniture out of the way, as I learned one evening when I basted my quilt top, batting and backing.  Ready for quilting now!

 Yesterday was the beginning of our biannual branch conference, when our staff from all over the country come together to elect new leadership and to discuss important issues.  Those two empty white chairs at the bottom of the photo belong to Brian and I.  I was up on the balcony, feeding Kate.  Brian had to miss the first day of conference because it was the only day that some consultants from Australia could come to examine our power grid and to give recommendations for updating it - a project that Brian, as the "generator guy," has been very involved in.

And Kate is four months old today!

Until next Friday...

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