Friday, April 3, 2015

Photo Friday [78]

Just a few photos this week:

 Greg is into all things racing, and so this week I procured some black and white fabric to make
"racing flags" for the boys.

 We spent the weekend building a frame for our chicken coop.  We've decided to try getting a few laying hens.  The hens themselves are a small investment, but building materials are expensive here, so we tried to re-use as much lumber as we could.  The nesting box is an old shipping crate left here by the previous home owner.  The boys are pretty excited, although it will probably be a few weeks before our egg-laying operation is up and running.

Kate and Greg are pretty good buddies:

 And I promised a look at the paper money (Kina) that we use here in PNG.  I didn't have a K50 bill to photograph, but here are the others:

Pretty, eh?

'Till next week!

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