Friday, April 10, 2015

Photo Friday [79]

Compared to Brian's outing at the Konai New Testament dedication, our week was pretty tame.  Even though we all had colds over the holiday weekend, we still managed to get out to have some Easter fun.

There was a community Easter Egg hunt at the school.

And a desperate mom even hid more eggs the next day in our backyard, in order to distract sick kids who were quickly driving her up the wall.

On Sunday we attended a sunrise service, but I don't have any photos of that for you.

We also had a fun brunch picnic with some friends on Monday.  We set up on the covered basketball court at Greg's school.  A good thing too, since it did pour rain.  Think big puddles and very wet, happy kids.

Greg asked me to take his photo on one of the favorite pieces of playground equipment.

We left the picnic early in order to meet someone special at the airstrip...

Daddy's home from the village!

Brian was home all day Tuesday, but he had to spend most of the day getting ready for his next trip.  He's currently out visiting some of our regional centers in the islands, doing generator work.

He only got one 16 kilo suitcase for his commercial flight, which looked like this:

He told me that he was able to fit a few clothes for his 5-day trip into his carry-on bag.

 I asked him to email me a photo to contribute to this week's post, so here he is, from sunny, far-away Buka:

So, we're without daddy again.  It's going much better this time though, since we're no longer sick and Greg is back in preschool.

 When did she get so chubby??

 One nice thing about Brian being away is that I have nice quiet evenings all to myself.  One night I sewed up some headbands for us girls.

And we got our chicken coop done!  Now we just need to locate some residents for it...

 I'll end with this very random photo creation.  It's sort of an inside Ukarumpa joke, but we were challenged to create a photo showcasing the orange store boxes that our food is delivered in.  Kate was a good sport.

Until next week!

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