Friday, April 17, 2015

Photo Friday [80]

Brian was gone over the weekend, but the kids and I got to have a little adventure.  We were invited to a birthday party for a two-year-old girl out at a coffee plantation near where we live.  

Coffee beans drying in the sun.

Caleb quickly commandeered the little girl's pink car.  He's looking "Super Pretty," don't you think?

Speaking of super pretty, there is this girl.

Here are a few photos from Brian's trip to the islands.  Last week I shared a photo of him on the island of Buka, which is so far from mainland PNG that it's in a different time zone.  After Buka, he went to visit another regional center in Kokopo, on the island of New Britain.

 It was Brian's first time in Kokopo, and he was thoroughly impressed.  This was the nicest, cleanest public market that he's seen here in PNG.

 During WWII, the Japanese had a large base in Rabaul, on the same island.  The town of Rabaul was destroyed in 1994 after a volcanic eruption, and the provincial capitol was moved to Kokopo.  There are a lot of WWII artifacts there.  This was outside a museum, that was unfortunately closed when Brian was there.

Pretty beaches, with a view of the volcano in the distance.

 On Brian's last day, he took an early-morning commercial flight to the airport at Hoskins.  He had to wait all day to catch a late afternoon flight on one of our center's airplanes back home.  So, he did what any good missionary would do.  He approached a truck full of Papua New Guineans and asked if he could hitch a ride a kilometer down to road to a mission station for New Tribes Mission.  The New Tribes folks were a bit surprised when Brian turned up out of nowhere, but when he mentioned that he had all day to kill and a suitcase full of tools, they let him into their workshop and gave him some work to do to keep him occupied!

Brian got home late on Monday, and we're very happy to have him back!

And from this morning - you know it's cold in your house when you wake up and see the color-changing cup you got from a street fair back in Oregon has turned red overnight!

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