Friday, April 24, 2015

Photo Friday [81]

Another week of life with the Freys:

5 months old!

Someone has trouble limiting the coloring to the paper...

 What do you mean you're going to take away the markers!!??

My pet project has been re-planting this flower bed.  I failed to get a true "before" picture, which would have included a bunch of leftover logs from when we cut down the large tree in our yard completely overgrown with five foot tall plants and a few small trees that took over the space while we were in the U.S. having Kate.  So this is the "before" picture after I already hacked down all the plants and we hauled away a truckload of logs that were too gnarled to split for firewood.  Hopefully I'll have a nice "after" picture for you soon.

 Greg's preschool class took a field trip to the airstrip to learn about planes and helicopters.  Brian went with him.  Apparently between our Greg and the daughter of one of our pilots, they already knew everything there is to know about aviation.  Yeah... ours is that kid who always raises his hand first and has something to say.  I don't think we're going to face any self confidence issues with him!

 Sitting in the helicopter.

 You may have already seen these on Facebook, but they are too fun not to share again.  Notice how Caleb is always the one running and Greg is the one doing the tackling?

I have been very happy to be able to spend a few mornings here, at our training center:

Next week the annual Translators Training Course will begin, and so the training center dorms are bursting with students from all over the country.  The course is taught in English, and so to prepare those students who would benefit from a little brushing up, we are holding a week-long English Enrichment course.  I've been helping out a few mornings while Greg is in school.

 Kate has been coming with me and does her part by sleeping or quietly cooing in the back of the room.  She has done quite well.

 In this shot the boys decided to photo bomb Kate's 5-month photos.  Love these guys!

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