Friday, May 15, 2015

Photo Friday [84]

Just a few photos for you this week.  Nothing exciting on the home front, and Brian has just been booked solid with meeting after meeting this week at work, which isn't very photogenic.  But this is what my camera caught this week:



This last one is from this morning at Sports Day, the annual track and field event at the High School.  Greg could have stayed all day to watch the events.  Caleb was just there for the food, I think.  Greg is pretty sure that he's the fastest thing on two feet, and so I'm hoping to put together a team for him tomorrow, so that they can compete in the 4 x 100 community relay event, which is open to everyone.  I think he would get such a kick out of racing in front of all those cheering fans.  

'Till next week!

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