Friday, June 26, 2015

Photo Friday [90]

Baby girl has a voice and she likes to use it - especially when she is outdoors.  Get this girl out in the sunshine and fresh air and suddenly she's got a lot to say!

And she's 7 months old now!

 Father's Day photo.  My kids have one great dad, don't you think?

 One rainy day when the boys imaginations needed a little shove in the right direction I hung a sheet over Caleb's bed to make a tent.  Actually, they later informed me, it was an old mine, where the engines were searching for long lost treasure.

 The boys have been talking about "jam tarts" ever since they saw an episode of a cartoon that featured them.  So this week we made some.

One last shot of this cutie.

That's all for this week!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Photo Friday [89]

This week is "Cry Week" in Ukarumpa - the week after graduation when many families, especially those of graduating 12th graders, leave Ukarumpa for furlough.  It's called cry week because every morning there is usually an emotional crowd out at the airstrip as many of the teenagers say goodbye to their classmates, unsure of if or when they might see each other again as they scatter across the globe.

 When it comes to goodbyes, I would have to say that Brian and I fall in to the "avoidance" category.  We would rather not make a big deal out of goodbyes.  We don't usually go out to the airstrip to see people off.  We're more likely to casually talk to the person who is leaving a week beforehand and leave it with a "I'll probably see you again before you go..." even if you don't really know that you will see them again.  Whether or not that is a healthy long-term strategy remains to be seen.  So at our house, the only crying has been of the normal "household with small children" type.

Greg finished up preschool with a little class program for the parents.  Can't believe he'll be starting Kindergarten in a month!

The boys needed a new building site, having already exhausted all of the dirt areas around our house.  We took them to the playground to play in the sand box, and they found some friends already there.

 Kate happily sat on a blanket while Brian and I read books.

Someone needs a bath... (this is pretty typical.)

 Since the weather has been mostly dreary, we've had to find some new things to do inside.  When we brought out the Uno cards I was surprised and delighted to find that Caleb can actually play with us now, having a good grasp on his colors and numbers.  (The bigger surprise was that he was actually willing to play by the rules!)

This kitchen gadget is meant to slice hard-boiled eggs, but it rarely gets used for that purpose in our house.  Instead, it's Caleb's favorite instrument.  He loves to strum on the wires as he makes up little ditties about whatever pops into his head.

Until next week!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Photo Friday [88]

I'm pretty sure this is the first time our little girl has worn socks since we left the US at the end of January.  We're starting to get some chilly mornings up here in the mountains.  Dry season is upon us!

Dry season, oddly enough, often means grey, cold, drizzly days.  It's unfortunate that the most cloudy and foggy time of year coincides with the busiest time for our pilots.  It's the end of the school term, which means lots of families are leaving for furlough (or leaving "finish") in the next few weeks.  So the flight schedules are packed, and lots of people will be out at the airstrip early in the morning, anxiously watching the sky, hoping that the fog will lift in time for their plane to leave to take them to the capitol city and onward to an international destination.

To complicate travel matters, a missionary guesthouse in Port Moresby that many of our people use (because to stay at a regular hotel in the capitol is very expensive) experienced an electrical fire this week and has had to close until repairs can be made.  Imagine a bunch of people, already stressed by end-of-school-year craziness, packing up one life here in Papua New Guinea and making arrangements for another life in their home country, having to suddenly change their travel plans.  There are a lot of missionary families who could use your prayers in the next week or two, as they face transition, a necessary evil in our line of work.  It makes me glad that we, Lord willing, will be staying put for another two years!

For those of us who aren't leaving, we have more normal things to occupy us. 

Greg anxiously awaited his friend's birthday party all week.  Greg is among the last of his classmates to turn five.  He has been talking about his birthday (next month) for quite a while now, and has been inviting people left and right to his party (often without consulting his mother first, who has yet to plan said party...)

 At the party, swords made from cardboard tubes that held LED light bulbs were a big hit.

 Gina the hen is back to laying again.  I'm ready for one of the younger hens to start laying soon, because I'm tired of keeping track of whose turn it's supposed to be to collect the egg!

Friday, June 5, 2015

Photo Friday [87]

This week:

 Kate started sitting!  Initially, she had the protection of a concerned older brother, should she decide to fall backwards...

 ...but within a day or two she was sitting like a champ all on her own.

And sitting really shows off those knee rolls to their best advantage.  Gotta love chubby baby legs!

 This pretty moth hung out on our porch all morning, until I made the mistake of pointing it out to the boys, whereupon it immediately thought it prudent to move to another location.

 The flower bed has been the site of a massive construction project this week: multiple skyscrapers, a post office, and who knows what else.  Greg is the foreman, of course.  He even drew up his own set of plans for the project.

 After getting so dirty, all those vehicles needed a trip to the car wash.

And I experimented with taking pictures of smoke.... just because I could.  (That's incense, by the way, not a cigarette!)