Friday, June 5, 2015

Photo Friday [87]

This week:

 Kate started sitting!  Initially, she had the protection of a concerned older brother, should she decide to fall backwards...

 ...but within a day or two she was sitting like a champ all on her own.

And sitting really shows off those knee rolls to their best advantage.  Gotta love chubby baby legs!

 This pretty moth hung out on our porch all morning, until I made the mistake of pointing it out to the boys, whereupon it immediately thought it prudent to move to another location.

 The flower bed has been the site of a massive construction project this week: multiple skyscrapers, a post office, and who knows what else.  Greg is the foreman, of course.  He even drew up his own set of plans for the project.

 After getting so dirty, all those vehicles needed a trip to the car wash.

And I experimented with taking pictures of smoke.... just because I could.  (That's incense, by the way, not a cigarette!)

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