Friday, August 7, 2015

Photo Friday [96]

This week:

Greg is starting to learn to read, and so he's been really into sounding out words.  This little notebook holds his "construction plans," and he spent a good long while carefully sounding out and writing down by himself all of the heavy equipment that he would need for his flower bed job.  As you can see on the pages above, he needed a concrete truck and a tractor.  Other pages listed " DMP TRUK" (dump truck), "EXRVAR" (excavator), "BLDUOSR" (bulldozer) and "STEMRLRL" (steam roller).

 Last weekend we also dealt with this:

We finally got around to taking care of the bees that had made their home in the wall of our house.  When we removed the board with the hole that was their entrance point, this is what we found.

After dad dealt with the bees, the boys were fascinated with the nest once it was removed from the wall.

We even got to watch a few young bees emerge from their cells and fly away!

Kate says, "Why are these boys always right up in my face?"

Baby toes painted for the first time.

Brian's other weekend project involved our grill.  As you can see, she's seen better days.  We inherited it with the house.  She may look rough, but having a gas BBQ grill is fairly special here in PNG, so we're not complaining.  We love being able to grill... crocodile kabobs anyone?  Brian was installing a new burner that we had purchased when we were in the U.S.

In the process of replacing the burner, however, Brian discovered that the grate that held the bricks in fairly bad condition.

So we had to improvise with some arc mesh that we had around the house.

Some folks who were visiting from the U.S. surprised the boys with M&Ms!

Brian teaching Caleb how to pop wheelies on his trike.

Late afternoon at the community playground.

Kate is happy to watch and clap.

 Sometimes things don't go the way we want them to...

 "What?  I didn't do anything..."

Daddy met us there on his way home from work.  It's nice to have a sympathetic ear to hear about your troubles.

And a strong shoulder to carry you home when you just can't make it on your own.

 Thanks for sharing in our week.  See you next Friday!

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