Friday, August 14, 2015

Photo Friday [97]

This week has had it's challenges.  Some sickness here in the house, and then of course there is this:

We said goodbye to Brian again.

Up extra early to wait for the bus to arrive to bring daddy to the airstrip.

Where did he go?  He is out in the Sepik region (think hot, sago, did I mention hot?) to help install a new generator for a translation team.

A photo of him at work.  I totally poached this photo from Missy Smith's Facebook page (sorry!)  It's just that my husband, who has a camera with him, has not sent me any photos to post.  Ahem... I know you'll probably be reading this Brian, since you have internet access out there!

The baby is cute, as always.

And here in Ukarumpa we are feeling very dried out and like we are living in the smoking section of a restaurant... back when they still had those.
 When it has been dry for a while, our village neighbors all like to burn the hillsides.   This was the view from my kitchen window yesterday.  In part, it's to prepare ground for new gardens.  Sometimes it's in an attempt to seed the clouds and bring on some much-needed rain.  And sometimes, I've been told, the young men just start fires for the fun of it.

I kept trying to get a photo that did the smoke justice.  In this one you can kinda' see a haze resting over the valley, but it's doesn't show how bad it really is.

 Another attempt.  Usually we can see the surrounding hillsides very clearly, but lots of the peaks are obscured by smoke.

So all week we have been walking around in a smoky haze.  Some days there is literally ash falling from the skies.  Laundry hung out on the line to dry comes in smelling like smoke.  You don't want to open your windows because then the inside of your house will be smoky.  It's very very bad news for those with asthma (myself included!).

Our drinking water tank is getting very very low as well, so we would appreciate some prayers for a good solid rain to clear the air and to fill our tanks!

Until next week!

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