Friday, September 4, 2015

Photo Friday [100]

Just a few for you this week:

Outside of church on Sunday.  He fell down on the gravel road and scraped his knee on the way to church.  He wanted to make sure everyone knew he wasn't happy about it, so we spent most of the service outside.

Greg has Legos on the brain, big time.  I really need to make a space in my house for Lego building, because my kitchen table is taken over almost every day.  I won't let them build on the floor since Kate manages to find everything and put it in her mouth. 

Now here is something you don't get to see every day.  One of our helicopters (the blue one) sustained a little damage while landing on a steep mountaintop out in the bush.  They were not able to fly it out, so we had to hire a commercial company with helicopters big enough to sling load it home.

Planning his next move.

 We have had workmen at our house all week replacing some rotten window frames.  Construction here is always a challenge because nothing is square.  The timber they use is not always cut to uniform widths, and of course, the old window frames weren't square to begin with.  So there is lots of on-the-fly adjustment that happens.  I'm really hoping they finish up today so I can have my house to myself again!

You never know quite what you'll find when you go to the local "department store" in Kainantu.  Apparently this plastic ware I bought is Oven-Safe!  (I don't think I'll be trying that...)

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